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Automatic Rotating Cordless Hair Curler & USB Rechargeable (Assorted Color)


Cordless Hair Curler I Styler Automatic Rotating & USB Rechargeable

Hair is sucked into the curling room, heated and timed to create perfect curls and waves every time! Ceramic heating technology produces far-infrared heat, while the conditioning benefits of negative ions make hair shinier, healthier and more beautiful.

Easy to use, safe to operate, it will effectively reduce the harm to hairs so as to make them more healthy and natural. Applicable for both wet and dry hair types. Suitable for professional or home use.

1. Made of high-quality material, it can protect you from scalding when you use it.
2. Adjustable temperature: adjust to the appropriate temperature according to different hair types.
3. Our curling iron heats up quickly and its cordless design maximizes your styling efficiency.
4. Unique anti-tangle design, automatic clockwise/counterclockwise rotation function helps to avoid any tangled hair problems and protect your hair from damage.
5. Get the salon effect in your own home: It can ensure even heating on each of your hair, and you can get a consistent beautiful effect with one click.

Battery Specifications:

Capacity: 5000mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Wh: 9.25Wh
Battery Type: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Charging time: 3.5 hours
Use time: continuous use time of about 40 minutes Temperature gear: 6 (150℃ 160℃ 170℃ 180℃ 190℃ 200℃
USB length: 58±5cm
Product size: 19×5.6×4.9cm

Automatic Cordless Curler for hair

Automatic Curling Iron Cordless Auto Curler Rechargeable Auto Curler with LCD Display Professional Ceramic Barrel Curling Wand Fast Heating Hair Curler Features ★ Quick heating : Professional tourmaline ceramic barrel, quick heating ★ LCD display : The large LED display clearly shows the temperature, power, direction and timer, and there are buttons to adjust the parameters of options. ★ Efficient and safe : The curler can be heated quickly, and the cordless design can maximize the styling efficiency. ★ Adjustable temperature/timing/direction : 150-200℃ temperature selection, 8-18s automatic curling timer and curling direction (left and right) can easily form a perfect loose or tight curl, saving time.

Built-in 5000mAh lithium-ion battery, can achieve super convenient cordless use. ★ Easy to use and portable : The bucket rotates automatically and wraps part of your hair in the curling room. Easy to carry when traveling, you can curl your hair anytime, anywhere. ★ Safety : After 10 minutes of booting, without any operation, it will automatically shut down to ensure the safety of users.★Anti-Tangle Design : Wireless automatic curling iron-unique anti-tangle design and automatic reverse rotation function, help to avoid any tangled hair problems. It is also energy efficient. ★Specifications Battery capacity: 5000mAh Battery voltage: 3.6V Battery watt hour: 9.25Wh Battery type: Lithium-ion battery Charging time: 1 hours Using time: continuous using time of about 40 minutes ★ 6 Temperature for All Hair Types ✔ The auto curler with 6 temperature (300°F-390°F) control for every type of hair



main unit
Plastic Comb
Storage Bag
2 x clips
1 x original box
1 x charging cable

in a box


How to use the hair brush?
★ Curling operation:

  •  Start ) : Press the “Power/OK” button for about 2 seconds in shut-down state. The buzzer beeps once and the display screen lights up. The display of temperature flashes and the product enters the 5-second temperature setting state by default. If no operation done within 5 seconds, the current temperature will be used. After that, the “temperature setting” display keeps lightened, and the product will heat up.
  • ♛ ( Shutdown ) : In the power-on state, press and hold the “Power/ OK” button for about seconds. The buzzer beeps once, the display screen goes out, and all functions is disabled (only the “Power/OK” button is available in the shutdown state by default).
  • ♛ ( Mode Setting ) : When the product is in the mode setting, press the “Power/OK” button to switch the mode in the order of “Temperature Setting-Rotating direction-Retention time- Work”; when the product is in the mode setting, press the “Adjust” button to adjust the current set value as follows:
  • ♛ ( Confirming Setting ) : Wait for seconds after setting. The display area of set value stop blinking, and the heating state symbol starts to flash, indicating that the setting is completed and the product enters the working mode.
  • ♛ ( Start Curling) : A First, take a proper amount of hair, smooth them out, and put the front part of hair completely into the hair chamber (put the side without the display screen of the product close to your face; align the top with the scalp; and the product opening is upward). Press and hold the “Start” button (press it to the bottom), and the motor drives the horn to start rotating and curling the hair.

Now Because It is easy to straighten the ends of the hair and get very close to the roots. So,It is an ideal gift for girlfriend, wife, daughter or friends on birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and New Year

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Because Due to the production batch and shooting lighting.So, other may be some errors between the product color and the picture, but it does not affect the use of the product. Thank you!
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